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I’ve recently completed a film to promote a new initiative called Bookshare: a tool that helps people share books with others in their local community.

Hopefully, watching the film will give you a good idea of how Bookshare works, but more information can be found over at NESTA, and you can read a good description about the software from the developer, Adrian Short, here.

The film, produced by the good folks at Rattle, was split into two parts: the first aimed at people who may wish to share their books, and the second at people who would like to set up a Bookshare in their own community.

It was the social side of Bookshare that inspired the story behind the film. Rather than just produce a literal demonstration, we wanted to tell the story of two people brought together through using Bookshare (and I have to be honest, the hint at a possible romance was intended).

As the subject matter concerned books, it felt natural to tell the story as if it were in one. Each scene was played out across the pages of an open book, with the bind providing a nice divide to split the screen between the two characters’ stories, and the turning of each page then becoming a nice way to cut between each edit.

In creating the film I worked closely with illustrator and friend Chris. We wanted to retain the natural hand-drawn look to all the elements so, rather than recreate the characters and scenes digitally, we scanned Chris’ original drawings, and then, through the magic of Photoshop, adapted the sketches so I could animate each element in After Effects, to finish the story I also produced the music for both films.

If you’re interested in setting up your own Bookshare, you can grab the code here at github.

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