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Derby [2061]

Derby [2061] is an interactive/locative storytelling project imagined and created by Richard Birkin and the guys at Mudlark. It follows the story of Girl X, a young female from the year 2061 who’s found herself trapped in our world. People can discover more about Girl X through Foursquare, and the 50 locations from the future that can be found around Derby. By exploring and checking into these locations it is possible to uncover the fragments of information left by our protagonist that help piece together her story.

As part of Derby [2061]’s feature in Quad’s exhibition ‘A Darkness More Than Night,’ Richard approached me to help produce a short trailer to be shown on the TVs around the arts centre. The objective of the film was to raise awareness of the project and draw people into exploring the story of Girl X. The film’s glitchy edit and dark colour pallette were designed to simulate the world as it exists for Girl X, emphasised by the moody and fractured sound design accompanying the visuals. Combined, these help to engender an atmosphere of suspense and intrigue, inspiring people to discover more.

Information about Derby [2061] can be found here

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