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It’s that easy

Credit to Luke Beard for this poster, I couldn’t put it better myself.



Wim Crouwel

There’s not much I can say about Wim Crowel that hasn’t been said before by those a lot more eloquent than myself. But anyone with even the slightest interest in graphic design and typography should check out his current exhibition at the Design Museum. ‘Wim Crowel – A Graphic Odyssey’ celebrates over 60 years of Crowel’s work, and is a fantastic visual journey through his highly acclaimed and much admired career, including some of my favourite pieces for the Stedelijk van Abbemuseum and the incredibly forward-thinking and highly influential, Neue Alphabet. Here’s Wim talking about his work:

YouTube Preview Image

The exhibition runs until the 3rd July, and the price of entry also includes admission to this years Brit Insurance Designs of the Year, which is also well worth a look.

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Point in the right direction

I walk past this sign most weeks. It’s on a main route into town but I’d put money on the fact that most people who pass it don’t even know it exists. Whilst I appreciate and enjoy it’s old charm, the main reason I like this sign is the hand. It adds a personality and human element to the direction, something I’d like to see more of please.

Update – Having mentioned this to my friend Chris he pointed me (pun intended) in the direction of these illustrations.

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